The best way to showcase your wedding and honeymoon memories

June 20, 2019

You know the episode of Friends where Ross gets mad at Rachel for returning a necklace he bought for her? It's Thanksgiving, Chandler's in a wooden box being punished by Joey and Monica is wearing an eye patch? Rachel delivers the ultimate mic-drop after being called devoid of feelings and brings out an entire box filled with mementos from their time together. This box includes an egg shell from the first time he made her Breakfast in bed, a fossil that she definitely shouldn't have taken from the museum and a bunch of other goodies. Now if you're like Rachel and me and you keep random sentiments in a box that are special but don't know how to showcase them. I have a solution!

Currently Hobby Lobby is 50% off on all shadowboxes and frames (this is a killer deal, stock up now people!). Both of those shadowboxes can be made in an afternoon and I'm thrilled at how they turned out. 

My sister in law had these handkerchiefs made and monogrammed with our initials and wedding date using my Mother in Law's wedding dress. It was a such a special moment when she gave these to us the night before our wedding. It was also great as it counted as my something old and something blue! I bought an 8x10 shadowbox from Hobby Lobby and then just arranged the handkerchiefs how I wanted them, attached with pins (included with the shadowbox) and it was done! So simple but such a beautiful way to display those precious mementos!

IMG_5134Wedding Shadowbox

This second shadowbox is a little more involved but is the perfect to display your honeymoon memories. I actually made this one using ticket stubs from the first time we met and spent a week together in London. We did end up revisiting London for our honeymoon though! 

So for this idea, I used an 8x8 shadowbox which I attached craft paper to the back of. Then I hot glued these craft scrabble tiles to spell the word 'London'. Once that was done, I used invisible tape to attach the ticket stubs (it may take a few tries to get the arrangement you like so try this out before getting the tape involved) and voila! A custom made honeymoon/vacation shadowbox! 

IMG_5142Honeymoon shadowbox

I'm so happy with how both of these turned out and would love to see your creations if you try any of these out! You can tag me on Instagram @whittphotographyandfilm