Do you really need a shot list?

May 31, 2019

In amongst all of your wedding planning, the phrase 'shot list' may have been popping up more and more the closer you get to the big day! But what is a shot list? And do you really need one?

Today we're going to tell you everything you needed to know about wedding shot lists and if it's really necessary for your wedding. So first up, what is it? A shot list is a list of photographs that you will give your photographer of your must-have photo shots throughout the day. Typically shot lists will include the big moments like putting on your dress, the moment the groom sees you for the first time and the first kiss. All sounds pretty self-explanatory right? But a shot list can come in handy for after the ceremony especially for those with a lot of guests. If you were really hoping to get posed pictures after the ceremony with your great-aunt or friends from out of town, it's so important to communicate with your photographer. As a wedding photographer, I always schedule a call with my brides about a month before the wedding to run through any must-have photos for the day. We typically will always get shots with the bridal party, groomsmen and immediate family but we want to make sure we capture everything you want for your wedding!

Now that's not to say shot lists are for everyone! For the uber-chilled bride looking for candid wedding pictures, a shot list will only add stress to your day. Organizing guests for formal pictures does mean we have to put on our bossy hats to get everything done as smoothly and quickly as possible. Think of it as a fine-tuned military operation or movie director for a big action scene, there are a lot moving pieces to get into position! We always aim to get formal picture with guests done within 30 minutes (give or take dependent on the size of the wedding) so that you can enjoy your day! That's usually around 1 minute per shot so you can imagine how much organization it takes to get the pairings setup and the photos taken within 60 seconds! Check out the slideshow below to see just a few of the moments from Lexi & Dalton's wedding. Can you guess which shots are from their shot list?

So to sum up, a shot list is best suited for those brides that want to make sure specific shots or guests are captured throughout the day. For those who prefer more of a documentary, fly on the wall style of photo, a shot list is probably not for you! If you're the former, you may enjoy this FREE download of a sample shot list to get you started!

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