FREE DOWNLOADS for your Bridal Shower

April 09, 2019

So a little secret you may not know about me is that occasionally I like to dabble in some design! Now I'm nowhere near a professional, but having worked for a graphic design company prior to starting Whitt Photography & Film with my husband, every now and then I like to put some of the tips and tricks I learnt to the test.

This has been especially useful when it comes to bridal and baby showers! Today I wanted to share a few FREE downloads for bridal shower games and advice cards! These specific ones are very special to me as I designed them for own bridal shower (English Tea Party theme for anyone interested!) and I plan to create more for my upcoming baby shower including the invitations. Having moved to the US from England only 2 months before our wedding, Bridal showers were very much an unknown thing to me! So it's been amazing to learn more about them and it was such a special moment in the lead-up to our big day (see the cutest candid shot below! Thanks Mary!). I hope these FREE downloads are as helpful and fun to you as they were to us!  

   Candid from our wedding!

For all you future brides or maids of honor planning bridal showers, ENJOY and let me know in the comments if you would like me to share more Bridal Shower games moving forward.

Click here to download the advice cards 

Click here to download Bridal Shower Game 1

Click here to download Bridal Shower Game 2

Please note, safari users will need to right-click and select 'save as' to download.

Enjoy! Hannah :)