The Great North Carolina Bake Off - Lifestyle Session

March 26, 2019

So something a little different on the blog today. Not to be biased, but this may be my favorite collection of photos ever. I always find myself taking pictures of our 7 year old Mason with my iPhone. This poor child of a photographer hardly ever gets in front of the camera and gets to be the star of the show. With Mase getting more grown-up every day and about to become a big brother, we decided that it was time for him to have more responsibility. We thought a super fun start to this transition would be with a spot of baking!

Usually when we bake together, I'm ashamed to say the control freak in me takes over and all Mason really gets to do is lick the spoon at the end. So this time, it was hands off from me (other than anything involving the stove) and I think it's safe to say he did an amazing job. I highly encourage any parents with little ones to try this out! How can you resist the combination of adorable pictures and homemade cake?