Planning your Dream Wedding with your REAL-LIFE Budget

March 20, 2019

If you've been planning your dream wedding with Pinterest for the last couple of years and have just got engaged, firstly CONGRATULATIONS! Secondly you may now just be realizing that the horse dressed as a unicorn with an exact replica of the carriage from Cinderella may be a little out of budget. So as a self-confessed wedding connoisseur, here are my top tips on how to have your dream wedding with your real life budget.

  • Consider having a weekday wedding. Unless you are hoping to get married on a special date that holds meaning to you as a couple, it's pretty unlikely that all of your wedding fantasies have involved a specific day of the week. Having a weekday wedding can save you thousands of dollars plus you also get an extra day off work for you and all of your guests. Win-win!
  • Have an A list and a B list for your guest list. Seems pretty simple but can be a great way to cut costs. So the way it works is your A list will have everyone you 100% have to there aka Grandparents, Best Friends etc. It's likely that not everyone from your A list will be able to make your wedding which is where the B list comes in. So if your A list had 100 guests but only 78 can make it, that makes room for 22 B list guests.. Now anyone that you would've liked to invite such as Coworkers or Family friends but weren't sure you could afford can be invited!
  • Use seasonal flowers. Seasonal flowers are a game-changer with your budget! The reason is because those flowers will be far more readily available meaning they are more cost-effective than a rare summer bloomer for your winter wonderland wedding in the snow. Also bear in mind that the more elaborate the arrangement (think cascading bouquets), the bigger the pinch on your wallet. 
  • Make your own favors or consider omitting them altogether.  Favors typically aren't consider a must-have and are somewhat of an old tradition. Literally none of your guests will notice if you decide not to have favors. But if you love the idea of a little trinket for all of your guests, consider a homemade treat. Biscotti, Cookies and Truffles are all easy to make and are budget friendly if you and your bridal party all get involved! You could also follow our lead, we put together tiny boxes filled with Hershey's Kisses with a label that read Hugs & Kisses from the Mr & Mrs. So cute! 
  • Consider a package bundle. We offer our brides anywhere from $200 to $500 discounts dependent on which photography and video package bundle is booked. Booking the same company for your photography and film coverage also means you won't have to worry about any of the horror stories you read about photographer being in every shot of your wedding film or having to forego your dream of a wedding film because of budget restraints. 

Let us know in the comments if you plan to use any of these tips or if you have any other great ones to add! Be sure to also check out our newest film, the trailer for the beautiful wedding of Rebekah & Corey on our wedding page.