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A few weeks backs, we spoke with Mary Blevins Thacker whose daughter Erica was getting married. Unbeknownst to us at the time, Erica had managed to do the very impressive task of planning her entire wedding in 3 weeks!! But to quote Mary "When we make plans, God laughs". Due to permits, their original venue would not be finished in time for the wedding date and so it was time for plan B. After an extensive search with the help of Carol & Andrea, the dream team at Forward Fig Events, Erica & Ben booked The River Room which is a beautiful venue located in the historic JW Brooks Building (the first overwater warehouse in Historic Downtown Wilmington). For anyone that doesn't know, Forward Fig Events is well known for paying it forward, typically in the form of donations to a charity of the special couples choice. But Erica & Ben decided to pay it forward in the most generous way possible. After almost throwing in the towel on their dream wedding, they decided instead to graciously share their venues with another couple. Erica told her mom "I really feel like God is telling me to share my venue space with another Bride. I can think of nothing that would make me happier than to stand and get married in the spot that someone deserving stood there earlier in the day". And so as Mary began the search to find the bride, Carol kindly offered to plan what would be the first wedding of the day free of charge while George, the owner of The River Room also jumped on board to help in any way he could!

With less than 2 months until the big day, Mary received an email from a lovely lady called Cathy who spoke about how this dream wedding would mean so much to her granddaughter Taylor and her fiance Ryan. After talking and praying, Mary realized that Taylor & Ryan were the perfect couple to pick for this amazing gift. After talking more with Cathy, she discovered that Ryan’s Dad has passed away the year before. Cathy also shared that “you choosing her is only from God cause this date is the Lord’s hand in turning a sad date into a happy date for our family. July 13 was the date Taylor’s mom was killed in auto accident. From now on it will be a happy date that Taylor was married in a beautiful wedding with her mom smiling down." What came next can only be described as some of the most wonderful acts of kindness we have ever witnessed.

  • Ray who is the owner of Belle Vue, the bridal suite where Erica would get ready on the day, was more than happy to accommodate another bride and made sure the girls were well looked after on the day! Nothing was too much trouble for Ray and Mary said that he made everyone feel like they were the only thing that mattered to him that day. 
  • Meagen from Meagen Spivey Hair Design gifted her services for Taylor and a bridesmaid to have their hair done for the wedding free of charge.
  • Eric from Eric Boneske Photography and Amy from Makeup by Amy Kennison kindly offered reduced rates for Taylor & Ryan's wedding. 
  • Mary's mom Nancy offered to not only pay for Taylor's wedding dress, but also put together her wedding flowers for her (the most gorgeous brides and bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages). Taylor found her dream dress and when Mary & Nancy went to pay, an anonymous person had paid for the gown in full along with alteration costs!
  • Mary's good friend Patti made beautiful full size cupcakes decorated as hydrangeas and made decorative boxes with a tag to match Taylor & Ryan's wedding day colors. (She also delivered the cupcakes and flowers on the wedding day and helped set up!) 

Once all of this was set, Mary decided that they would love a video from the day to remember the kindness everyone had bestowed upon these 2 special couples! And that's where we fit into the story! After Mary explained the situation to Matt on the phone, we were honored to offer a wedding package free of charge for Taylor & Ryan.  

July 13 2019 could not have been more beautiful. To be surrounded by good people celebrating 2 lovely couples was such a dream. The altruism also didn't stop after the wedding. Taylor & Ryan were kindly given a 2 night honeymoon at Blockade Runner. After the wedding, Taylor & Ryan requested to send their amazing wedding flowers to a local nursing home to brighten up the residents day.

In a time where it seems like the world can be very unkind sometimes, we were so humbled by the generosity from not only the vendors, but also the incredible families involved. Every single person involved worked so hard to make the day a success and it was a joy to be a part of. We've listed all of the vendors below and so if you're in the process of planning your wedding, please consider them! You can also see the teaser trailers for both Erica & Ben and Taylor & Ryan below.

Planner - Forward Fig Events

Venue - The River Room

Bridal Suite - Belle Vue

Photography - Eric Boneske Photography

Makeup - Makeup by Amy Kennison

Hair - Meagen Spivey Hair Design

Catering - Middle of the Island Catering

Video - Whitt Photography and Film

Erica & Ben Taylor & Ryan


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A sneak peek at our baby shower https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2019/7/a-sneak-peek-at-our-baby-shower So as some of you may know, I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant with baby no. 2! My amazing Sister in Law Michelle along with my Mother in Law Kathy and some close family friends threw the baby shower of dreams for us. After many different discussions and trawling pinterest for weeks, we finally decided on a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme. I'm definitely a less is more kind of girl and the decor could not have been more perfect. Michelle found the most adorable sign that said 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' from Hobby Lobby as well as the wooden garlands you can see hanging from the mantel in the present opening pictures! I decided to make my own invitations and party games using my secret weapon (canva.com) which incorporated the star theme perfectly! We asked all of our guests to bring a book instead of a card and now we have the cutest library for Baby Whitt to start out with including You are my Happy by Hoda Kotb and some Dr Seuss favorites! Michelle also found the super cute Oh Baby wooden blocks that all of our amazing guests signed which will be proudly displayed in Baby Whitt's nursery. 

Our lovely friend Rachel kindly lent us the beautiful backdrop we used outside for some posed pictures. My mother in law Kathy made rice krispie treats in the shape of stars as our favors which are my husband Matt's all time favorite food! The food selection was a pregnant woman's dream and was kept topped up constantly by the lovely Nicole! Ham & cheese sliders made by Casey, Cake pops from Kim, the greatest sherbet punch by Sandy and the star of the show, Edie's incredible and famous coconut cake! For games, we decided on making the disney parent to the disney child which resulted in a 3-way tie and guess the size of Mommy's bump. Congrats to Ashlyn & Kim for winning the games!

All in all, it was everything I could've dreamed of and more. We were thoroughly spoiled by all of our friends and family so this one's for all of them! Baby Whitt is going to be surrounded by the most incredible family and friends. Shoutout to Kayla for playing photographer for the day!


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The best way to showcase your wedding and honeymoon memories https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2019/6/the-best-way-to-showcase-your-wedding-and-honeymoon-memories You know the episode of Friends where Ross gets mad at Rachel for returning a necklace he bought for her? It's Thanksgiving, Chandler's in a wooden box being punished by Joey and Monica is wearing an eye patch? Rachel delivers the ultimate mic-drop after being called devoid of feelings and brings out an entire box filled with mementos from their time together. This box includes an egg shell from the first time he made her Breakfast in bed, a fossil that she definitely shouldn't have taken from the museum and a bunch of other goodies. Now if you're like Rachel and me and you keep random sentiments in a box that are special but don't know how to showcase them. I have a solution!

Currently Hobby Lobby is 50% off on all shadowboxes and frames (this is a killer deal, stock up now people!). Both of those shadowboxes can be made in an afternoon and I'm thrilled at how they turned out. 

My sister in law had these handkerchiefs made and monogrammed with our initials and wedding date using my Mother in Law's wedding dress. It was a such a special moment when she gave these to us the night before our wedding. It was also great as it counted as my something old and something blue! I bought an 8x10 shadowbox from Hobby Lobby and then just arranged the handkerchiefs how I wanted them, attached with pins (included with the shadowbox) and it was done! So simple but such a beautiful way to display those precious mementos!

IMG_5134Wedding Shadowbox

This second shadowbox is a little more involved but is the perfect to display your honeymoon memories. I actually made this one using ticket stubs from the first time we met and spent a week together in London. We did end up revisiting London for our honeymoon though! 

So for this idea, I used an 8x8 shadowbox which I attached craft paper to the back of. Then I hot glued these craft scrabble tiles to spell the word 'London'. Once that was done, I used invisible tape to attach the ticket stubs (it may take a few tries to get the arrangement you like so try this out before getting the tape involved) and voila! A custom made honeymoon/vacation shadowbox! 

IMG_5142Honeymoon shadowbox

I'm so happy with how both of these turned out and would love to see your creations if you try any of these out! You can tag me on Instagram @whittphotographyandfilm

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Do you really need a shot list? https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2019/5/do-you-really-need-a-shot-list In amongst all of your wedding planning, the phrase 'shot list' may have been popping up more and more the closer you get to the big day! But what is a shot list? And do you really need one?

Today we're going to tell you everything you needed to know about wedding shot lists and if it's really necessary for your wedding. So first up, what is it? A shot list is a list of photographs that you will give your photographer of your must-have photo shots throughout the day. Typically shot lists will include the big moments like putting on your dress, the moment the groom sees you for the first time and the first kiss. All sounds pretty self-explanatory right? But a shot list can come in handy for after the ceremony especially for those with a lot of guests. If you were really hoping to get posed pictures after the ceremony with your great-aunt or friends from out of town, it's so important to communicate with your photographer. As a wedding photographer, I always schedule a call with my brides about a month before the wedding to run through any must-have photos for the day. We typically will always get shots with the bridal party, groomsmen and immediate family but we want to make sure we capture everything you want for your wedding!

Now that's not to say shot lists are for everyone! For the uber-chilled bride looking for candid wedding pictures, a shot list will only add stress to your day. Organizing guests for formal pictures does mean we have to put on our bossy hats to get everything done as smoothly and quickly as possible. Think of it as a fine-tuned military operation or movie director for a big action scene, there are a lot moving pieces to get into position! We always aim to get formal picture with guests done within 30 minutes (give or take dependent on the size of the wedding) so that you can enjoy your day! That's usually around 1 minute per shot so you can imagine how much organization it takes to get the pairings setup and the photos taken within 60 seconds! Check out the slideshow below to see just a few of the moments from Lexi & Dalton's wedding. Can you guess which shots are from their shot list?

So to sum up, a shot list is best suited for those brides that want to make sure specific shots or guests are captured throughout the day. For those who prefer more of a documentary, fly on the wall style of photo, a shot list is probably not for you! If you're the former, you may enjoy this FREE download of a sample shot list to get you started!

Click here to download Free Sample Shot List

Please note, safari users will need to right-click and select 'save as' to download.

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The Ultimate family vacation guide to Outer Banks, North Carolina https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2019/5/the-ultimate-family-vacation-guide-to-outer-banks-north-carolina The Outer Banks hold such a special place in our families hearts! Not only has my husband's family vacationed there for years, but it's also where my Sister in law Michelle got married in 2018! We spent 6 days at Atlantic Beach this past week, so I wanted to go ahead and put together the ultimate family vacation guide to the Outer Banks to hopefully help some of you who are looking for great vacation spots here in the US!

Things to do

Now anyone that knows me will tell you that I love to stay busy on vacation! I want to explore and do everything a place has to offer whilst on vacation to make the most of my time. This means most of my recommendations are perfect for those of you with children!

Cape Lookout & Shackleford Banks

This was our favorite thing we did whilst on vacation! Drive to Harkers Island to take the ferry to Cape Lookout and Shackleford Banks. Cape Lookout is probably the most distinctive NC Lighthouse thanks to its black and white diamond pattern. Did you know that the pattern isn't just for looks, it actually helps with direction! The center of the black diamonds points in a north-south direction, while the center of the white diamonds points east-west. I highly recommend packing a cooler and spending the morning at Cape Lookout and the afternoon at Shackleford Banks. Shackleford Banks is most known for the wild horses that inhabit the Island. No-one knows how the island came to be populated although rumor has it that they could've been abandoned there as a result of a shipwreck. Currently there are 118 wild horses on the Island that can be spotted along the shore if you're looking. Shackleford Banks also offers some intense hiking and a great shelling experience. I believe they allow you to take 1 gallon of shells per person per trip. You can check out how to book your ferry tickets here: https://www.islandexpressferryservices.com/ferry-transportation/combo-ferry-ride/

Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium

You may be tempted to visit the aquarium on a rainy day but try to visit on a dry day. The reason this aquarium is so special is the Marsh Boardwalk. You can walk around outside and look through binoculars to view the beautiful wildlife NC has to offer! They also have a nature play area perfect for little ones that need a crazy half hour runaround like Mason did as well as a Snake exhibit! We even saw turtles and crabs from the Marsh Boardwalk. Head inside to see Sharks, River Otters and even a rare white sea turtle. Divers enter the habitats daily and if you're lucky, you may run into one of them who will answer any questions. Mason was even given a sand tiger shark tooth by a diver there which he was thrilled about! For those like me who are trying to be more environmentally friendly, there is a part of the exhibit dedicated to reducing plastic consumption and they even sell stainless straws in the gift shop. You can learn more about the Aquarium by visiting: http://www.ncaquariums.com/pine-knoll-shores

Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure Golf

We did this our last night at the Outer Banks and had an absolute blast. It's an 18 hole putt putt course that starts with a mining train ride to the top of the course. From there you pick either the Diamond or Gold Course (we asked an employee which course was better and she recommended the Diamond course as it has more waterfalls). The Diamond Course features caves, waterfalls and the hardest game of Putt Putt I've ever played! Learn from my mistakes and don't pick a black golf ball to play with as I lost it in the water around hole 8 and we never managed to find it! The water at Lost Treasure Golf is not just for looks, your ball can and will go in the water! They also offer bumper boats, go-karts and a small arcade. Kids must be over 54" to ride unaccompanied. You can read more about them and their other locations here: http://losttreasuregolf.com/miniature-golf-courses/salter-path-mini-golf-course/

Things To Eat

I've tried to include a good mix of affordable and high-end places to eat. The main strip in Atlantic Beach has a ton of fast food places for those on the go. We also highly recommend the newly updated Golden Corral for those with big families and/or big eaters! For breakfast, head directly opposite to Cox's!

Rucker John's

Located in Emerald Isle, this was about a 30 minute drive from where we were staying but oh so worth it! We had the Cajun Chicken Penne and Island Chicken with Pineapple Salsa which were both incredible! Definitely order the basket of honey butter croissants for your table! The kids menu is very reasonable and comes with a drink. The Shrimp BLT sandwich also sounded amazing but alas no seafood for me this trip due to being pregnant. I have previously had the Crab Cakes here and can confirm they are delicious. For a little extra fun, head outside where you can buy food to feed the turtles in the stream outside! Rucker John's also offer live music throughout the season, for more details head to their website: https://www.ruckerjohns.com/

Ribeyes Steakhouse & The Sanitary

We unfortunately didn't the chance to eat at either of these places this trip but they are top of the list for our next time there! Ribeyes is located in the beautiful historic town of Beaufort and whilst pricy, the food is supposed to be worth every penny! Make sure to head over to The General Store after eating for the most incredible fudge! I recommend the Chocolate Pecan! Salivate over the menu at https://www.ribeyes.com/home-page18252107

The Sanitary is a fish market and restaurant that has been around since 1938. Go for the seafood, stay for the amazing complimentary hush puppies! They serve 40,000 pounds of flounder; 75,000 pounds of shrimp; 20,000 pounds of bluefish and mullet; and 10,000 pounds of scallops each year. Located on the waterfront in Morehead City, The Sanitary is not a restaurant to miss for seafood lovers: https://www.sanitaryfishmarket.com/

Happycakes Cupcakery

If you are a lover of the show 'Cupcake Wars', head over to Happycakes who actually won the show back in 2013. No food coloring, no artificial flavors and no day-old cupcakes. Everything is baked fresh daily and they actually have a cupcake schedule which offers seasonal goodies as well as the classics! We tried the Chocolate Indulgence, Chocolate Caramel Cream and Coconut which were all so delicious! Thanks to my lovely Mother in Law, we also have a blackberry streusel pie cupcake en route as I type this which I'm looking forward to immensely! Trust me when I say, these are to die for cupcakes. Check out the cupcake schedule here: https://www.thehappycakescupcakery.com/flavor-schedule

AB Ice Cream & Candy Shoppe

Last but not least, we have the AB Ice Cream & Candy Shoppe! We stopped here on our way to shop for the day and were blown away! This may be the creamiest ice cream I've ever eaten! They offer over 40 flavors including Banana pudding, Coconut Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Orange Blossom and Moose Tracks. We opted for Key Lime Pie, Butter Pecan and Strawberry which were all so yummy and the portions are huge! They also offer a selection of candy and fudge of which I was highly tempted to try the Orange Cream fudge. Read more of their flavors here: https://www.abicecream.com/

Honorable mentions we will try next time!




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The best wedding planning advice from past Brides! https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2019/5/the-best-wedding-planning-advice-from-past-brides You know, no-one ever tells you that there is no perfect way to plan your wedding. As helpful as bridal magazines, Pinterest and The Knot can be, sometimes you just need to hear from someone who has been in your shoes! Who understands how overwhelming planning your dream wedding is. So we asked some of the lovely past brides we know, what was the best piece of advice they could offer to all of you out there planning and this what they said:


  • "I almost wish I would have had a completely different photo session for Brandon and I. Maybe when we got back from our honeymoon? I feel like the day of I felt rushed and stressed and I would have loved to get dressed up again and just have a some stress free time to devote to pictures of just us." - Casey


  • "Do not use family to coordinate the day of. They should also be able to enjoy the day without any responsibilities!" - Rebekah


  • "It doesn’t matter if things go “right” the day of. No one else will know but you and stressing about it takes the fun out of it." - Nikki


  • "Don’t worry about what anyone thinks! Focus on what you and your husband want and do exactly that. It’s your day!" - Michelle


  • "Let other people take care of as many of the details as possible! Hire a day of coordinator at least! The only thing you should be thinking about on wedding day is how much fun your going to have" - Mary


  • "Book y'all for wedding photography!" - Kate (Couldn't resist including this one!)


  • "Let it happen. It might not be exactly as you planned it and things can go wrong(my mother in law forgot the cake which was dessert at the rehearsal dinner). You will be joyously married at the end of the celebration and will have tales to tell for decades...as long as you commit to it every single day." - Carol

If you have any advice to offer to all those soon-to-be newlyweds, leave a comment below and I'd love to add it into this list.



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FREE DOWNLOADS for your Bridal Shower https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2019/4/free-downloads-for-your-bridal-shower So a little secret you may not know about me is that occasionally I like to dabble in some design! Now I'm nowhere near a professional, but having worked for a graphic design company prior to starting Whitt Photography & Film with my husband, every now and then I like to put some of the tips and tricks I learnt to the test.

This has been especially useful when it comes to bridal and baby showers! Today I wanted to share a few FREE downloads for bridal shower games and advice cards! These specific ones are very special to me as I designed them for own bridal shower (English Tea Party theme for anyone interested!) and I plan to create more for my upcoming baby shower including the invitations. Having moved to the US from England only 2 months before our wedding, Bridal showers were very much an unknown thing to me! So it's been amazing to learn more about them and it was such a special moment in the lead-up to our big day (see the cutest candid shot below! Thanks Mary!). I hope these FREE downloads are as helpful and fun to you as they were to us!  

   Candid from our wedding!

For all you future brides or maids of honor planning bridal showers, ENJOY and let me know in the comments if you would like me to share more Bridal Shower games moving forward.

Click here to download the advice cards 

Click here to download Bridal Shower Game 1

Click here to download Bridal Shower Game 2

Please note, safari users will need to right-click and select 'save as' to download.

Enjoy! Hannah :)

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The Great North Carolina Bake Off - Lifestyle Session https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2019/3/the-great-north-carolina-bake-off---lifestyle-session So something a little different on the blog today. Not to be biased, but this may be my favorite collection of photos ever. I always find myself taking pictures of our 7 year old Mason with my iPhone. This poor child of a photographer hardly ever gets in front of the camera and gets to be the star of the show. With Mase getting more grown-up every day and about to become a big brother, we decided that it was time for him to have more responsibility. We thought a super fun start to this transition would be with a spot of baking!

Usually when we bake together, I'm ashamed to say the control freak in me takes over and all Mason really gets to do is lick the spoon at the end. So this time, it was hands off from me (other than anything involving the stove) and I think it's safe to say he did an amazing job. I highly encourage any parents with little ones to try this out! How can you resist the combination of adorable pictures and homemade cake? 




(Whitt Photography and Film) baking Carolina family home in lifestyle nc North photographer https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2019/3/the-great-north-carolina-bake-off---lifestyle-session Tue, 26 Mar 2019 14:47:11 GMT
Planning your Dream Wedding with your REAL-LIFE Budget https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2019/3/how-to-have-your-dream-wedding-with-your-real-life-budget If you've been planning your dream wedding with Pinterest for the last couple of years and have just got engaged, firstly CONGRATULATIONS! Secondly you may now just be realizing that the horse dressed as a unicorn with an exact replica of the carriage from Cinderella may be a little out of budget. So as a self-confessed wedding connoisseur, here are my top tips on how to have your dream wedding with your real life budget.

  • Consider having a weekday wedding. Unless you are hoping to get married on a special date that holds meaning to you as a couple, it's pretty unlikely that all of your wedding fantasies have involved a specific day of the week. Having a weekday wedding can save you thousands of dollars plus you also get an extra day off work for you and all of your guests. Win-win!
  • Have an A list and a B list for your guest list. Seems pretty simple but can be a great way to cut costs. So the way it works is your A list will have everyone you 100% have to there aka Grandparents, Best Friends etc. It's likely that not everyone from your A list will be able to make your wedding which is where the B list comes in. So if your A list had 100 guests but only 78 can make it, that makes room for 22 B list guests.. Now anyone that you would've liked to invite such as Coworkers or Family friends but weren't sure you could afford can be invited!
  • Use seasonal flowers. Seasonal flowers are a game-changer with your budget! The reason is because those flowers will be far more readily available meaning they are more cost-effective than a rare summer bloomer for your winter wonderland wedding in the snow. Also bear in mind that the more elaborate the arrangement (think cascading bouquets), the bigger the pinch on your wallet. 
  • Make your own favors or consider omitting them altogether.  Favors typically aren't consider a must-have and are somewhat of an old tradition. Literally none of your guests will notice if you decide not to have favors. But if you love the idea of a little trinket for all of your guests, consider a homemade treat. Biscotti, Cookies and Truffles are all easy to make and are budget friendly if you and your bridal party all get involved! You could also follow our lead, we put together tiny boxes filled with Hershey's Kisses with a label that read Hugs & Kisses from the Mr & Mrs. So cute! 
  • Consider a package bundle. We offer our brides anywhere from $200 to $500 discounts dependent on which photography and video package bundle is booked. Booking the same company for your photography and film coverage also means you won't have to worry about any of the horror stories you read about photographer being in every shot of your wedding film or having to forego your dream of a wedding film because of budget restraints. 

Let us know in the comments if you plan to use any of these tips or if you have any other great ones to add! Be sure to also check out our newest film, the trailer for the beautiful wedding of Rebekah & Corey on our wedding page.


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How to rock a red lip for your winter wedding https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2018/12/how-to-rock-a-red-lip-for-your-winter-wedding We recently teamed up with an incredible makeup artist Daniela Cintron Philips to showcase some amazing bridal makeup looks! With the help of our lovely models Kristina, Evie & Catherine, we wanted to inspire future brides to take a risk and rock a bold red lip. It feels so festive and glamorous especially for Winter Weddings. Danni paired the red lip with a natural glowy base to keep the look soft and romantic which is perfect for Bridal makeup!

Here Danni talks about how to rock the perfect red lip on your big day!

A few tips and tricks I like to keep in mind when creating a look with a bold lip color choice such as red:

  • There are different shades of red to try, so don’t be afraid to try different shades of red I promise you there is a shade for you
  • When applying any lipstick weather matte, satin, gloss or demi matte make sure you scrub your lips prior to use. This allows the lipstick to go on smooth, get rid of any dead skin and last longer as well as look cleaner.
  • Apply balm prior to putting on lipstick and after scrubbing so your lips can be moisturized, continue to do your daily routine, and then right before you apply your lipstick wipe off the balm. Keeping the balm on can sometimes make it more difficult to apply an even amount of lipstick.
  • After you have apply the lipsticks, I like to go in with a piece of paper or paper towel and blot it a little so none smudges!

Types of brushes 

So whenever I am putting on lipsticks especially liquid lipsticks, i want it to look clean with no smudges. Here are a few tools you could use to get this:

Applicator that comes with the lipstick

  • Thick eyeliner brush
  • Lip liner
  • Lip brush
  • Any art brush that has thin pencil like want with soft bristles at the end

Favorite Brands

  • Tarte Liquid lipsticks (Ulta, Sephora)
  • Milani Lipsticks (Walmart)
  • Kat von D ( Ulta , Sephora)
  • Maybelline lipsticks ( Walmart, Ulta)
  • NYX Butter gloss and lipsticks (Walmart, Ulta)

If you would like to schedule a session with Danni, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram. She is truly an incredible artist and so great to work with!


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Trusted in the Triad - George K. Walker Florist https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2018/11/trusted-in-the-triad---george-k-walker-florist This month, we had the opportunity to work with some incredible wedding vendors. We want to celebrate them over this week of giving thanks! 

First up is George K. Walker Florist who have been serving the community of Winston-Salem since 1961, proudly providing farm-fresh flowers and exceptional customer service. Based on Stratford Road in Winston-Salem, George K. Walker was voted 'Best Flower Shop' in 2017 by the Winston-Salem Journal. Clarence, Sydney & Jennifer can only be described as floral artists! Here's a few of our favorite pictures that highlight their incredible work.


Special thanks to all of the vendors who were involved in this shoot:

Flowers - George K. Walker

Styling & Signs - Gathered Events CLT

Cake - Artsy Cakesy

Jewelry - The Poppy Shop

Venue - Valley Brook Farm

Tailor - Cahill & Swain

Videography & Photography - Whitt Photography N.C.

Makeup - Makeup by Danni

Models - Amy, Michelle & Cody

You can find George K. Walker Florist at their Website, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Senior session at the Hidden K stables https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2018/11/senior-session-at-the-hidden-k-stables For a recent senior session, we decided to include Hannah's beautiful horse Bastian at The Hidden K stables in Pfafftown. We arrived at 7am in the hopes of a vibrant sunrise and were met with the foggiest of all mornings. The moody tones of the pictures with the foggy background actually turned out to be some of our favorites. Hannah was so much fun to work with and knew all of the great pictures spots at the stables. Bastian definitely was a little camera shy at first but soon warmed up once we got out in the paddocks. 



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Molly & Alan's Wedding https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2018/10/what-to-wear-for-your-engagement-photos Here are just a few favorites I captured at Molly & Alan's wedding in Mount Airy, NC! I love the creamy and ethereal style of these photos which went so beautifully with the Mount Airy location.

I was fortunate enough to assist Hannah Bell from Southern Belle Photography on the wedding of Molly & Alan. She was such a pleasure to work with! The vendors for this wedding did such an incredible job of making the whole day run perfectly!

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Trusted in the Triad - Artsy Cakesy https://www.whittphotographyandfilm.com/blog/2018/9/trusted-in-the-triad---artsy-cakesy Recently I had the pleasure of photographing and helping to plan a baby shower for Casey & Brandon. The lovely Jeanne Scott of Artsy Cakesy commissioned the most beautiful baby shower cake I think has ever been created. The theme of the baby shower was very natural and rustic and Jeanne knocked it out the park with her cake design. She created this two tier naked vanilla cake, finished with edible fondant succulents and gold accents. 

Jeanne has been baking for brides in Orange County, California for ten years and has a five-star rating. As a recent resident of Winston-Salem with a certified bakery, she loves getting to know her new hometown and the nearby gorgeous venues. Specializing in creative, artistic, tiered cakes using multiple mediums, you can count on Artsy Cakesy to create a stunning cake for you. The cake of your dreams is within reach.

You can find Artsy Cakesy at her Website, Facebook and Instagram.

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